Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Loose skin after weight loss is an issue for many people after undergoing fat reduction. Losing weight has been a very difficult task to do for most of the people. Those who managed to get back to their shape have been given a lot of credit. However there is still a finishing process after losing weight. There is a lot of accumulation of excess skin on the person’s body after losing weight. This might be called the last stage of weight loss, although it does not mean all those who lose weight have excess skin. The big question is therefore how to get rid of this loose skin after weight loss to enhance your beauty.

loose skin after weight loss

Loose Skin after Weight Loss

Many of the reviewed cases of loose skin after weight loss have been diagnosed to be just an extra layer of remaining subcutaneous fat. The fat is loose and soft, hence making the skin to take its shape confusing many people to be excess loose skin. This however does not mean that the setback doesn’t exist. If your skin is very thick and can fit into your hand when grabbed, chances are that it is just a layer of fat that should subside within a few days. However, if your skin is extra thin about the size of an eyelid or just 1mm thick, you are likely to suffer from loose skin. Do not panic if you have it as there are easy great steps which will get you to become normal as soon as possible.

First, the key thing to get the excess skin done away with is simply by lifting weight as you may have done earlier. Weight lifting can help you to burn the fat and build the body removing the excess skin. If you rapidly lost weight then you should be able to eat a little more to add the extra muscles needed to replace the excess fat that you lost.

If your body has a condition of inelastic skin, it may be the reason you are having excess loose skin after weight loss. However, to increase or restore your skin, use certain dietary foods like oxtail, bone broth, poultry meat and short ribs.
Study has also revealed that a variety of nutrients have these properties that will help in increasing the skin’s elasticity. Some of them are selenium (seafood, salmon), zinc (red meat, oysters), a lot of vitamin C sources and a variety of carotenoids. A lot of vitamin C is recommended because it’s essential in collagen formation which is ideal for skin’s elasticity.

Another important thing is to stay hydrated. Hydration helps your skin to easily regain its elasticity. You should take at least two litres of water per day to ensure that you are hydrated all day. Some of us may be on a weight loss program and fear getting loose skin.

If you do not want to get loose skin then you should do your weight loss process slowly. This is able to give your skin time to adjust to the changing body shape. In extreme cases of loose skin, body contour surgery may be recommended to get rid of the excess loose skin after weight loss.

In conclusion, weight loss is not an instant thing that we should go for. We need to do it slowly and slowly. While having weight loss program, do not forget to do some body weight training in order to get rid of loose skin after weight loss. For more information about doing weight loss while body weight training, you may visit http://www.reducebellyfatz.com/go/truth-about-abs/. All the best for your weight loss plan!

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